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"Robert catered our feature film shoot (20 days), and supplied breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages for a cast and crew of 25. He was always on time, professional and adaptable. A happy crew makes a better film, and Robert did his part. When special dietary restrictions were needed, which was often, he worked with us to find solutions that fell within our budget. Robert was easy to work with and displayed a level of patience and determination that's admirable, and crucial to film shoots. On top of it, we were a location heavy production, and Robert handled that challenge with ease. You'll be pleased with Noel's Kitchen's work."
Chris T.

"We contracted Chef Rob to cater special events for several months. Chef was a joy to work with and brought a bevy of wonderful suggestions and additions to our existing menu. His carrot souffle will always be a favorite of mine! He is adaptable and works well with any budget constraints. Our Mardi Gras buffet came to life under his expert guidance. The crowd enjoyed carved prime rib, fried chicken among many other tasty treats. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Noels Kitchen for any of your catering needs."
Kathy K.

"Not only did Chef Rob provide excellent food for our event of 150 people, he did it on a budget, in a pinch, and with top notch service. He is a pleasure to work with and his food is just plain great. Our event ran smoothly and they took care of everything. People complimented both the food and the service of his staff. I would highly recommend his catering service."
Lainie R.

"Never had such delicious deviled eggs. Never even heard of Carrot Souffle, but it was so good I had to take some home. And the chicken...aww man!"
Fabian R.

"The food was delicious and Robert was extremely professional and kind. Carrot souffle = delicious!"
Payal S.

"I contacted Robert two days before my event after someone pulled out at the last minute. Within minutes, he helped me plan my menu at a rate i could afford. The service was courteous and dependable from the initial contact through delivery. Excellent service!"
Amira M.

"The Prison Ministry of the internationally recognized Riverside Church contracted with Noel's Kitchen to cater an important criminal justice conference. We were delighted with the food, service and professionalism. And Robert Crawford is a true gentleman."
Sheila R.

"The food was extremely tasty and well seasoned. The signature dish is the carrot souffle. If Southern food is your passion, then definitely contact Noel's Kitchen."
Loraine B.

"Chef was great, as was the food. Bacon wrapped shrimp is a must have"
Alice M.

"We were looking for an authentic Louisiana chef and Chef Rob fit the bill.....the food was right into our Mardi Gras was delicious and everybody enjoyed it......even had people ask for MORE when there wasn't any!!!!! Fabulous"
Terryann D.

"Chef Rob and his crew catered a surprise birthday dinner for me and all i can say is the service and my oh my the food was just soooooo good. Word's cannot explain it. And you get a lot of food for your money. He made cocktail shrimp as one of the appetizers and the shrimp used was the jumbo size shrimp. Who does that this days..just chef Rob.
Chef Rob was very attentive to the special needs that I had to the flavor and taste of the menu item's that I choose. Outstanding. .will use this service again"
Pascaline F.

“The level of service at Noel's Kitchen is fantastic. Having been a customer for since 2012, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”
Aaron Hayes
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Noel's Kitchen was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”
Louis Santiago
"I love Noel’s Kitchen, Robert makes great food. His salmon is to die for, it's seasoned just right. The lemon slice was a nice decorative element to the plate. I always order a side order of cornbread with all my meals from him, it's so savory and delicious.”
Michael Adams, Founder, QuickRide Messenger

"Chef Crawford is a master chef who’s Creole dishes always left my taste buds wanting more, and wishing I had more room. His signature desserts are amazing, and the service is warm and friendly. He's the Teddy Bear with the Treats!!"
Henry Bonano, Professional Entrepreneur
"Anyone who has ever tasted Robert's ridiculously addictive carrot soufflé will tell you that Robert is a great cook. Having worked with him, I can also say that Robert is a good man, an individual I'd bank on. And in fact, I did. As did 79 other individuals. Robert was the first ever entrepreneur from the Bronx, NY funded via Kiva Zip (  In March 2013, I joined 79 other Kiva lenders from 7 countries - who were impressed enough by Robert's passion for food and his tenacity to overcome obstacles - to jointly fund a zero interest loan to expand his fledgling business. And so he has. After 15 years of working in marketing and advertising and working with hundreds of different partners and suppliers, you learn to tell apart those who simply talk a good game, and those who do. I always bet on the guys who know what it’s like to go up against adversity and overcome, who work all night yet show up - on time - everyday. Who have a plan A, a plan B, a plan C - because adaptability and resilience are the 2 most important traits for long-game success. Most importantly, I'll bet on those who do what they say they'll do; because promises kept are what business relationships are made of. I'd bet on Robert because - like I said - he's a great cook, yes, but he's also a great guy. "
Sulin Lau, Kiva Fellow New York + New Jersey for
"This is an endorsement for Noel’s Kitchen whom I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with. I have placed multiple orders for varies dishes and was totally satisfied with the service and taste of various products. I have also endorsed Noel’s Kitchen to a micro-finance loan to help him scale his business. My company’s reputation and name stands behind Noel’s Kitchen and believe the founder Robert Crawford has the qualities to make it a great company"
Raul Baez, President, Getting On Track Financing

"Robert is a great chef and a great guy.  I dream of his Cajun chicken and ordered a tray of it, much to the demise of my weight loss attempts.  It was scrumptious.  After I ordered it and paid for it, Robert spoke to me about what my husband likes.  I told him he doesn't like heavy sauces. Robert said, "No problem.", and offered to bake a chicken breast with vegetables for him.  I asked him what he wanted me to pay him and he told me not to worry about it. When I arrived to pick up my order, he didn't bake one chicken breast; he baked two and didn't want to take any additional money.  I told him I'd never work with him again if he didn't take something.  That worked! Both my husband and I were thrilled with the quality of Robert's cooking, his desire to please, and his kindness. I couldn't recommend him more strongly.  And I'm a tough cookie, who makes her living suing the government."
Dale Joan Young
"I've had the pleasure of eating the food from Noel's Kitchen on a couple of occasions. The food is great and Robert is always professional. I recommend Robert and his company without hesitation.."
Ryan Evans, Founder, Lift Marketing
"Robert Crawford& Noel's Kitchen has some of the best food I've tasted in NYC. The food is creative, fulfilling, and most important...GOOD! I love the fact that there is a variety of food that you can choose from His carrot soufflé is simply AMAZING! From a professional standpoint, Rob will make sure that your needs are taken care of. It is with great pleasure and confidence that I recommend Rob& Noel's Kitchen to cater your next event."
Kene Turner  Social Entrepreneur
"Robert is an excellent cook and his carrot soufflé is legendary"
Trevor A. Scotland, Founder & CEO at Brazzle, Inc.

"Hey Chef Rob!! Your Carrot Soufflé was out of this world!! I think I ate a third of it all by myself. I tried to sneak a pan back to DE, but the word got out about how good it was and then it was all gone!! I will certainly have to pay you a visit the next time I am in the city!!"
Stacey Williams Duprey , Arydss International
"As a business partner and loyal customer, I have had the great experience of tasting Chef Robert's Cuisine and seeing up close how he runs his operation. I am not only impressed with the quality and taste, but also his punctuality, professionalism, desire to perform great service, and his contagious smile. I look forward to always working with him in the future. His Seafood dishes are amazing and that carrot soufflé is a must"
Pim Shih, Founder,
"I recently had the pleasure of doing business with Noel’s Kitchen whilst holding a business meeting in New York with a number of clients. Noel’s Kitchen and the Executive Chef Robert Crawford were personally recommended to me by a business colleague who regularly engages with them to supply catering services for their own corporate events. Being a resident of the UK and not familiar with caterers in New York, I relied heavily on the reputation on Noel’s Kitchen to meet my requirements and I am pleased to say, they lived up to my expectations. The Executive Chef fulfilled my requirements to the final detail, ensuring our three course meal was delivered timely and efficiently, and served with the minimal amount of disruption to the meeting. Our meal, consisting of entrée, main course and desert was beautifully presented and the food itself was exceptionally delicious. The whole experience resulted in a very positive outcome for myself, my colleagues and most importantly my business. I would highly recommend Noel’s Kitchen as a reliable, professional and expert caterer for any business function and would not hesitate to use them myself again in the future. "
Sheriyln Pereira, Senior Editor, Inside Ibiza
“The food tasted even better than it looked, and I found myself thinking, "How can cornbread taste this good??" Simple foods elevated to surprisingly delightful heights -- that's at the root of what makes Robert's cooking so special (and addictive).”
Anna Akbari, PhD. Professor/Entrepreneur
“Tasting Noel’s reminded me of being down south, especially that carrot soufflé ( mmmm )...”
Porfirio Amaro Founder A & N EcoService
“It was addictively delicious especially the carrot dish.”
Antoine Buford CEO of Crush!
"MmmmMmmMmm! Falling right off the bone. Just like momma does it!"
Olatunji Fujah, The DreamTrue Corporation