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Cajun Fried Chicken Basket
Welcome to Noel’s Kitchen Inc. A full service catering company providing foods for the NY/NJ/CT Tri-State area. 

We are determined to set a higher standard in meal purchasing and catering by offering a unique and exciting menu that infuses Cajun, Creole, Southern, & BBQ style Cuisines.

We have made Noel’s Kitchen Inc. into an affordable, delicious, and healthy everyday option plus create a sensation of excitement, satisfaction and a longing for more when patrons indulge in our product. 

We want Noel’s Kitchen be synonymous with excellence, affordability, and above all, addictive eating. Thank you for choosing Noel's Kitchen. 

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Chef Rob
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Noel's Kitchen Fruit Platter
Fried Chicken with Almond Waffles


This organization intends to be completely green by the end of 2014 and encourages people with legal issues and/or criminal backgrounds to submit applications to Noel's Kitchen for employment. 

Noel Pasmore, who is Chef Robert Crawford’s deceased grandfather died of prostate cancer. We here at Noel’s Kitchen are proud to have clients like the American Cancer Society to help further the cause in finding cures for cancer. We will continue to strongly support such a cause.
Southern Style Red Velvet Cake with berry garnishment
For more information on deliveries, orders, contract catering, and/or professional/personal chef services, please contact Noel's Kitchen Inc.'s Executive Chef Chef Rob or call 646-571-5670.